Applications 05.05.2022

Consumer behavior

White paper: Trends in consumer behavior – how has the food industry changed in industrialized countries?

In this white paper, you will learn about how social change affects consumer behavior with regard to food and the consequences of this for the food industry. 


While consumers are moving closer and closer towards a “throw-away society”, this has devastating consequences for the environment. At the same time, fair trade or regional products are becoming increasingly important for consumers.
Our affluent society means that the food industry is coming under increasing pressure to launch more and more new products on the market with shorter and shorter development cycles in order to keep up with the current trends. As a result, shelf-life dates need to be more and more precise in order to combat food waste and its impact on the environment. Photostability tests are a common way of determining the shelf life here.



This free white paper contains information on:

  • Changes in consumer behavior caused by social change
  • The effects of these trends on the food industry
  • Photostability tests in the food industry


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