Heinz Braun embodies BINDER service

July 2019 On call

Heinz Braun on the road for BINDER


Heinz Braun, the BINDER service technician for southern Baden-Württemberg in Germany, came across the global market leader for simulation chambers somewhat by chance after an acquaintance happened to introduce him to the company. That was 30 years ago – which means that Braun has virtually lived through BINDER’s entire history. The Tuttlingen-based company is now 36 years old and Braun, originally from the village of Kreenheinstetten in south-western Germany, is 56.


The field service technician loves working for BINDER and plans to keep on being part of its history. “I have a great relationship with our customers – most of them recognize me when I come along, so they trust me,” he says. Even though he heads out to visit different users every single day, he almost always encounters people he knows.


One day, he might be in Biberach – the next, in Basel. But even before his day begins, Braun is already looking at the needs of each customer on his schedule with fresh eyes. Has a unit self-test been carried out before the appointment? If so, the service technician thinks about whether he needs to take certain spare parts or other tools with him. New technology at BINDER, such as the option to perform self-tests, also enables service personnel to carry out increasingly specific operations.


Naturally, the expertise that BINDER service personnel bring to the table is key. Heinz Braun, for example, has gained experience in electrical engineering and refrigeration technology. In his time working for BINDER, he has also acquired knowledge about section installation, final inspections, and logistics, so he knows BINDER chambers inside out and is impressed by what he sees. “They are robust and completely reliable, and they contain exceptionally high-quality technology. When I’m doing my maintenance visits, I occasionally come across very old units that are indestructible,” says Braun, who likes to listen to rock or pop music on his travels to see his customers.


There can be no doubt that Heinz Braun loves his job and feels that BINDER has become part of his identity. “I have seen the company grow from just a handful of people to over 400 employees. I can even remember a few times when our CEO, Peter Michael Binder, would lend a hand during production – generally just before Christmas when there were a lot of orders to manage,” he says. To this day,
he adds, BINDER has maintained the qualities that make it feel like a family, despite the fact it is now operating on a global scale. “I’m definitely not planning to step away from BINDER any time soon,”
he says with a twinkle in his eye.