Continuing to grow in Asia

March 2019 New era

BINDER opens new office in Shanghai


The opening of BINDER’s new Shanghai office heralded the start of a new era in Asia. Dealers joined employees from Tuttlingen and Asia to celebrate the inauguration.


The customary dragon dance was of course essential to kicking off the event. In China, it is a symbol of wealth, but it also represents happiness, benevolence, and intelligence. The BINDER team was enchanted by the colorful dancing animals.


Once the symbolic red ribbon had been cut, all those invited were able to have a look around the new premises on the seventh floor of the building called The Gate. The business district in which it is located has only recently been built and boasts excellent transport links, with the nearest airport practically within walking distance. Spanning 200 square meters, BINDER’s new Shanghai office has been designed in a style that – including its black floor – mirrors the company’s headquarters. This was something that CEO Peter Michael Binder felt was extremely important: “We wanted to create the perfect working environment for our employees and prepare BINDER for further growth in Asia.”


Not only has the company increased the size of its premises and made them more modern, but the number of its employees has also risen. As well as this, BINDER has set up an on-site warehouse
for its chambers from Tuttlingen, which make some of their long journey to China by rail.


All in all, a new era is dawning for BINDER in Asia after a string of successful years. Peter Michael Binder, who was also present at the inauguration alongside his wife Ingrid and senior members of the management team, such as Michael Pfaff, Bastian Hölle, and Benjamin Jeuthe, said: “It is a fantastic atmosphere. We are experiencing a sort of revolution, not just at BINDER in Asia, but also at our headquarters in Tuttlingen. The entire BINDER Team epitomizes BINDER’s mission and showcases a tremendous spirit.”