Young entrepreneurs are impressed by BINDER

July 2019 Interest in BINDER

High visitor numbers at BINDER


The Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft hosted its Next Generation Camp jointly with BINDER GmbH. The event gave 60 young entrepreneurs the opportunity to get a closer look at the company and the wide range of products it manufactures in Tuttlingen. Attendance figures were high, and the fascination BINDER holds for its participants, who had come from all over the country, was very quickly in evidence.


The Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft camps are designed to provide a platform on which attendees can exchange experiences and network. Presentations describing what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and profiling a specially selected company aim to provide help and advice for the young people in attendance as they set out on their entrepreneurial journeys. BINDER in Tuttlingen was at the heart of this year’s event.


After a brief welcome from CEO Peter Michael Binder and Vice President Michael Pfaff, along with Holger Mai, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft, and Markus Waizenegger, Chairman of the Management Board of the Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen, product managers took to the stage to talk about the versatile simulation chambers and their areas of application. The young entrepreneurs in the audience were quite amazed to learn that most shelf-life data is calculated inside BINDER chambers. Neither could they fail to be impressed by BINDER’s mission when they were told about its involvement in trials of new drugs and the incubation of cells to help burn victims.


After a short break for refreshments, the group was given the opportunity to see for themselves how BINDER chambers are made with a tour of the company’s site. Their experience started in the modern COMPETENCE FACTORY, where they were able to admire the fully-automated STOPA warehouse, before moving on to the LEAN FACTORY to see how things work in assembly.


An expertly frozen ice-cream was waiting for them when they got to the end product, a dynamic climate chamber.


Enriched by what they had seen, the group then relocated to the Öschberghof Hotel in Donaueschingen for a next generation panel discussion with Peter Michael Binder and Michael Pfaff. The absorbing talk was designed to give the attendees an insight into what it’s really like to run a company like BINDER. How are responsibilities divided up between CEO Peter Michael Binder and Vice President Michael Pfaff? How do they strike a work/life balance? And is the succession plan that’s already in place even something of a burden for 35-year-old Pfaff?


Binder and Pfaff provided many insights and presented BINDER as a successful organization with ambitious plans for the future. The event was a resounding success for both BINDER and the Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft.