Our service technician answers your questions

June 2019 Heinz Braun provides valuable insights

Service Q&A: A question and answer session with service technician Heinz Braun


Service technician Heinz Braun is on the road for BINDER every day, performing maintenance and sometimes even small repairs on BINDER chambers for customers across the whole of southern Germany. Braun has been working for BINDER for 30 years now and knows virtually every customer and all the nuts and bolts that come with the job. In this Q&A, he sheds more light on what BINDER customers care about.


Question: How often should I have maintenance work carried out on my BINDER chambers?

Answer: Generally, maintenance should be carried out once a year. Units that deal with water
or cooling (such as KB-F, KMF, MKF-T, CO2 , or O2 chambers) need to be monitored especially closely
to prevent faults from arising in them. It’s extremely important that you stay safe at all times,
so if you’re unsure about anything, please get in touch with us.


Question: How do I use my BINDER chamber correctly to ensure its service life extends for as long
as possible?

Answer: It’s important to regularly check door gaskets, door locks, and the temperature control equipment to make sure that they are functioning as they should. That’s what the BINDER service team is here for. BINDER chambers generally have a long service life – some of the units that I have serviced at the companies I visit are as much as 30 years old. So it’s worth investing in premium products, like the selection we have at BINDER.


Question: Does the BINDER safety drying chamber require special maintenance?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. In a safety drying chamber (VDL), the vacuum or – more specifically – the pressure for heating activation must be checked, as these chambers often involve the extraction
of solvents that can lead to explosions in the event of a malfunction. So they require a lot of care and attention – but we can help you with that.


Question: How much do BINDER services cost?

Answer: Our services are second to none and it's rare that we have to be called out twice to the same unit. We constantly undergo training and we are extremely well-equipped, so I would say that our services offer great value for money. 90 to 95 percent of the time, we can find a solution for the customer right there on the premises. You can find out more about our services on our service page at…


Question: How do I dispose of an old BINDER unit?

Answer: There are two ways to do this – either we remove the unit for you when you buy a new BINDER chamber, or you can get a recycling service provider to do this instead. We are happy to help
if you have any questions.