CO2-incubators and freezers are ready for action

October 2020 Fast delivery

BINDER promises fast delivery times during the corona crisis

The coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate global affairs. Numbers of infections continue to rise and researchers are under enormous pressure to produce a vaccine. For that, they urgently need CO2 -incubators which multiply cells under perfect conditions. The company Curevac in Tuebingen, Germany for example uses CO2 -incubators from BINDER because of their accuracy.

Also, the freezers from BINDER in Tuttlingen are experiencing a high demand in all countries in the world. They are already set up at important traffic intersections in order to be filled with the upcoming corona vaccine. The good news is that BINDER has produced a lot of chambers during the pandemic, already. As the company reports one wanted to be ready for the crisis and help all institutions which need simulation chambers at the moment. So, the company says that they can deliver all products in such a short time and support anybody who needs it during the crisis. BINDER is ready for the last phase of the pandemic and fast delivery times are more than a promise.

“The situation remains serious and cases are rising. A vaccine is the only way of overcoming COVID-19,” says Lothar Maresch from the BINDER ACADEMY. He continues: “With our freezers and CO2 -incubators for vaccine research and storage, BINDER is helping to get the crisis under control.”

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