CB 170: CO2 incubator with smart accessories

April 2020 CO2 incubator with active humidification

CO2 incubator with active humidification now available with new accessories


The CB 170 CO2 incubator from BINDER has many strengths – so much so that Product Manager Dr. Jens Thielmann calls it the best on the market. There are two reasons for this: Not only does the CB 170 feature an active humidification option, but it also comes with natural convection that provides even air distribution within the simulation chamber.


The popularity that the CB 170 with active humidification has gained is growing. A connected water bag and a pump that carries water to the steam generator regulate the active humidification. The advantage is that there is no longer a water pan inside the incubator. This has resulted in the contamination risk being further reduced to virtually zero. BINDER’s even air distribution also has the advantage of having no fan to stir up spores.

Now, BINDER is also offering new, intelligent accessories to help users work with active humidification even while operation is ongoing. These include a humidification water set consisting of ten one-liter bottles plus all the necessary tubes and connecting parts – providing laboratory workers with everything they need for a totally convenient working environment. The equipment ensures that the water remains completely sterile and prevents any contamination from affecting the work being conducted in the laboratory. All laboratory staff have to do is pierce the new water bottle and insert it in the loading bay, then even highly sensitive work on cells in a CO2 incubator can carry on.


Laboratory staff who prefer filling their own water bags also have the option of ordering bags from BINDER whenever they need them.

Whatever the circumstances, the CB 170 from BINDER helps establish the safest possible conditions – and its accessory options enable users set up every aspect of their working environment exactly how they want, with the choice of not one, but two practical BINDER solutions.