BINDER glass doors protected against corrosion

January 2020 Clear view

BINDER's TIMELESS coating is a huge success


BINDER launched its TIMELESS coating on the market around two years ago. The BINDER innovation, which is used in the constant climate chambers with humidity, has been delighting users ever since.
The chambers can be used for a wide range of applications, including growing plants or long-term storage.


The interior glass doors of the simulation chambers are treated with a silicon dioxide-based coating which prevents corrosion from forming, even over long periods. As a result, the glass door remains clear so users always have a perfect view of their samples. And the door remains in pristine condition! Furthermore, the glass surface is easy to clean with standard cleaning agents, such as those used on a glass shower cubicle. If a chamber is not equipped with this innovation, the water vapor extracts sodium and potassium ions from the glass and leaves behind bases, which result in corrosion.


“The feedback from our customers since the launch has been consistently positive,” says biologist Lothar Maresch, who is in constant contact with BINDER's customers. BINDER is the global market leader for simulation chambers and its mission is to provide “the best products, the best advice, and the best service”. The “TIMELESS coating” innovation is further proof that BINDER is committed to ensuring maximum quality and customer convenience.


The glass door coating is provided by the renowned glass company Saint-Gobain Glass. In this collaboration, BINDER GmbH – which champions both innovation and premium quality – is working with one of the best providers on the market.