You can rely on BINDER: Take advantage of our proven battery test chambers

September 2020 Top price and fast delivery times

BINDER battery test chambers now available in even less time

Got an urgent need to test lithium-ion batteries? Want a proven high-quality product that offers comprehensive safety in every situation? Then the BINDER LIT MK 240 and LIT MK720 battery test chambers—part of our standard product lineup—are exactly what you’re looking for.

These two battery test chambers can be adapted to special customer requirements at any time. But if you still need additional battery test chambers with other packages, or in other sizes, BINDER INDIVIDUAL is here to help.

Whether it’s smartphones, laptops, or hybrid and electric cars: The energy storage devices that serve as the “engine” for these technologies are growing more and more powerful. And before they can be used, these batteries have to be painstakingly tested. These tests can be dangerous, but the answer can be found in the battery test chambers from BINDER with Package S, which provides safety up to and including EUCAR hazard level 6.

Our research team invested a great deal of time and effort in developing the smart features included in the new battery test chambers equipped with Package S. As a first step, safety is provided by an independent adjustable temperature safety device that prevents high temperatures from occurring in the chamber’s interior. The product also features a stainless-steel pressure relief flap that can release pressure if danger is imminent.

In addition, Package S also comes with two door-locking brackets which prevent the door from opening when there is a serious battery fault which could endanger the safety of people or the surrounding environment. What’s more, the cabinet also allows the connection of inert gas, which the customer can use to minimize the oxygen content inside of the chamber. Extra safety is also provided by a gas detection system equipped with four different sensors. This system responds in hazardous situations and activates the tank of compressed CO2 gas.

Audible and visible signals are also emitted by the indicator lamp to keep the customer informed of the unit’s status at all times. And if that’s not enough, you can also manually activate the CO2 fire suppression equipment for good measure.

Last but not least, the BINDER battery test chamber delivers impressive performance for the price and, after consultation with the experts at BINDER, can be delivered in relatively little time.