BINDER is a great place for young people

November 2018 Tremendous success

BINDER training comes out on top


The BINDER trainee program is going from strength to strength – as trainees Valentin Thiel and Pierre Arsic-Perez well know, following two major awards that mark BINDER out as one of the best training companies in Germany.

The Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany invited the two trainees to an awards ceremony and recognized them for their outstanding performance during their machine and equipment operator apprenticeships. Thiel completed his training with an average grade of 1.2 (equivalent to a high A in the American system), and Arsic-Perez a 1.3 average grade. They are going to stay on at BINDER, as this is precisely where they see their futures heading. “Both of them have distinguished themselves professionally and personally. We at BINDER are delighted
to be able to work with such good trainees. They are helping us shape the future of our company,” said Training Manager Timo Haag.

Out of 80 trainees recognized in their category, both BINDER apprentices were in the top three. Riding on this wave of success, it was then time to celebrate with Timo Haag and Robert Pejakic
in Bräunlingen town hall. “2018 was a particularly good year for our Training Department. We were able to reap many rewards from it, but we’re certainly not going to rest on our laurels,” they said.

So what sets BINDER apart from other companies now in terms of its training?

“We offer young people a fantastic team atmosphere, as well as other activities outside the company,”

, said Haag,
who, together with his team, now wants to launch Industry 4.0 in training programs.