A practical approach to loading and unloading with the DuoDoor function

June 2020 Top CO2 incubators

Even more possibilities with the DuoDoor function


BINDER’s CO2 incubators are particularly popular with staff working in cell culture laboratories. Product manager Dr. Jens Thielmann, who spent many years working in laboratories himself, even goes so far as to say that “BINDER makes the best CO2 incubators in the world”. The outstanding features of BINDER incubators include a virtually flawless anti-contamination concept achieved in no small part due to the absence of an interior fan. Users can even take advantage of the new humidity control feature, which makes working with CO2 incubators incredibly easy and hygienic. After all, in a laboratory, there can be nothing worse than having to dispose of vital cell cultures.


The DuoDoor function is another neat feature. It provides a very practical solution for laboratory technicians who need to unload or load CO2 chambers to full capacity, for example. It’s as simple as this: The technician opens the chamber and the protective glass door but does have to lock the glass door on closing, as it docks onto the unit door via magnetic contacts. This means that the next time the door is opened, cell culture vessels and other samples can be added to the chamber without having to open the second door separately. The chamber can be filled to full capacity in a single step. Gas containment can of course be achieved simply by closing the unit door. However, if the user wishes to protect the atmosphere inside the chamber (ultimately humidity, heat, and CO2 will be lost rapidly when the door is opened fully) it is better not to activate the DuoDoor function. Once again BINDER has provided for every possibility to meet the prevailing requirements of researchers at any given time.