Before they are used for testing, BINDER chambers need to be tested

March 2018 Putting units through their paces

Welcome to the Testing Department – where a bit of smoke and steam is nothing to worry about


The highly innovative simulation chambers from BINDER are the product of highly intelligent minds. They make sure that the units are always equipped with the latest functions. The inventors at BINDER can be found in the Research and Development department (R&D), which is headed up by Jochen Bollaender. Although most of the work here is done on PCs at desks, it is not unheard of to see a unit smoking away from time to time in the Testing Department – which is part of R&D.


This very much remains the exception though – thanks to the work of Group Leader Volker Schilling and his six-person team. The expert team can work on up to 35 units simultaneously – putting them through their paces and carrying out optimizations and validations over a given period of time. This means that, on average, one BINDER employee is keeping an eye on five units at the same time. The department also has two climate rooms where the ambient temperature can be turned up or down for product validation purposes.


“Not all laboratories are always well climatized, so we test whether the BINDER chambers can still provide the specified performance in less than ideal conditions,” says Schilling, who has been working at BINDER for 19 years. Schilling, who is originally from the Saarland, has seen the Tuttlingen-based company grow over the years – he himself started out in the modest premises on Bergstraße. So he knows exactly what is important and he sums it up in a single sentence: “We want to develop the best products”. And that takes time – one product validation can take up to 60 days.


The Testing Department requires the expertise of mechatronics engineers and technicians, but it also provides opportunities for young trainees and students. “The work here is exciting, challenging and varied,” says Schilling, who is evidently passionate about his job.