Aesculap impressed by the world of BINDER

October 2018 Lively exchange

Aesculap staff impressed by BINDER


45 Aesculap employees, including a number of managers, recently paid a visit to BINDER GmbH.
Both companies have maintained close contact for several decades now.


Markus Weber, Head of Production and Logistics, led the group of Aesculap staff. BINDER’s Managing Partner, Peter Michael Binder, greeted the group at the Research and Development Center (FEZ) and highlighted some of the connections between the two global players. “My father, Wilhelm Binder, learned the art of toolmaking at Aesculap,” Binder explained, delving into his own personal history.


Thomas Luippold, Manager of the COMPETENCE FACTORY, and Lars Hoffmann then led the visitors around the COMPETENCE FACTORY, the crown jewel of BINDER GmbH. The group was hugely impressed by the modernity of the building and the conditions BINDER has created for its staff. The areas BINDER has marked for potential expansion also highlighted to the visitors that BINDER has many projects in the pipeline. The Aesculap employees were also very positive about the parking facilities and social spaces. Indeed, there was perhaps a hint of envy as Weber and his team witnessed how BINDER has developed into a global market leader over the years.

Aesculap also regarded the fact that BINDER continues to run as a true family business as particularly positive. “Lines of communication are short here, and decisions are undoubtedly taken much more quickly” was one of the observations voiced.


In the LEAN FACTORY, the visitors got the chance to observe how premium simulation chambers are created from individual components. Some of the guests were able to speak from experience at this point, as Aesculap also works with a number of BINDER chambers. “I’ve never heard a bad word said about a BINDER chamber,” one visitor commented. Another remarked: “BINDER chambers don’t break down – they offer excellent value for money.”

The conversations continued over a snack at Casino as the visit drew to a close. Both sides had their interest piqued and returned home full of fresh ideas.