BINDER online store makes shopping easy

March 2018 Launch of new BINDER online store

Welcome to the new BINDER store!


BINDER has a new online store, where customers can get their hands on a wide range of BINDER chambers. It is so easy to order incubators and drying chambers on a computer via this channel and have them delivered to a company address. All it takes is a click of the mouse! The excellent value for money and fantastic offers that BINDER has come to be known for are also available on the website.


The online store has been designed to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate. All the standard accessories can now be bought directly from the website too for added convenience. BINDER units have always brought smiles to customers' faces and now the whole shopping experience is even more enjoyable thanks to the clear overview of the products offered by the online store. Users can compare different products, save and manage information, and place orders fast.  Plus, there are various payment methods to choose from, making orders even easier to process.


BINDER GmbH is the global market leader in climate chambers and incubators.