BINDER introduces refrigerant that is even more environmentally friendly

June 2018 Future-oriented and environmentally friendly

BINDER goes greener


Here at BINDER, environmental awareness is one of our top priorities – not least at the Research and Development Center (FEZ) located at our company headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. There, using renewable energy sources has alone resulted in some 70 tonnes of annual carbon dioxide emissions savings. What's more, BINDER is choosing to use only recyclable packaging materials for its simulation chamber products.


Most recently, the Research and Development (R&D) department has converted the dynamic climate chambers to accommodate climate-friendly refrigerant that is fit for the future. Although this is not yet a legal requirement, BINDER is already keen to demonstrate its commitment to creating a greener future. The dynamic climate chambers for rapid temperature changes (MK series), and those that also feature an extendable low-temperature range (MKT series), have been available with the new refrigerant since June.


The other dynamic climate chamber series are set to be converted to the future-oriented and more environmentally friendly refrigerant over the coming year.  In its role as an Alliance Member, BINDER is also supporting the Blue Competence initiative of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), whose aim is to protect the environment and conserve resources in a sustainable manner by harnessing innovative technologies. The company has been doing its part to use natural resources sustainably since 1990, by optimizing its production methods, selecting suppliers according to strict criteria based on the Ecodesign Directive, and continually reducing its consumption of resources.