Warranty for UF V ultralow temperature freezers extended to 5 years

February 2015 Freezer Garantieverlängerung

The reliability of the UF V series of ultralow temperature freezers from BINDER is now reflected in the warranty conditions. BINDER is extending the statutory warranty by a further three years.


Tuttlingen – BINDER GmbH has introduced a free warranty extension for the UF V series of ultralow temperature freezers, increasing it to five years. For all orders placed after January 1, 2015, the previous warranty of two years will be extended by a further three years, thus guaranteeing the functionality of the device for five years. The new 5-year warranty will be valid automatically from the date of delivery without requiring either online registration or a maintenance contract.


By extending the warranty, BINDER GmbH is emphasizing the reliability and longevity of its devices. "Our products are designed to offer our customers the highest possible standards in quality," says company chairman Peter M. Binder. "The extended warranty period is an acknowledgment of product quality and of the proven longevity of our ultralow temperature freezers."


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