All important information and features relating to CO2 incubators

September 2017 Buyer's Guide compact brochure

CO2 incubators: All the most important purchase criteria at a glance

The latest Buyer's Guide from BINDER provides the user with a quick and easy overview of the most important features and functions that are essential when buying a CO2 incubator.



When choosing a new , the decision is often not made easy for the user. What purpose will the incubator serve? What technical equipment must the unit have at its disposal in order to fulfill the specified requirements? Test laboratories or pharmaceutical companies have to comply with particular requirements or are subject to rigorous checks. The most important criteria when choosing a CO2 incubator include temperature stability and recovery after the door has been opened, the heating principle in the incubator, the CO2 content and recovery time after the door has been opened, regulation of the pH value in the medium, the humidification principle, the cleaning capability for the surfaces, and, naturally, the decontamination concept for the interior of the incubator.  When purchasing a new CO2 incubator, many points must be considered in advance.


To make the decision easier for users when choosing a CO2 incubator and to save on time-consuming research, BINDER has brought all the key features together in a compact brochure – the Buyer's Guide.  The user profits from plentiful useful information on the six most important factors to be considered when assessing and choosing CO2 incubators:


1. Contamination prevention

2. Handling and cleaning

3. Interior concept

4. Humidity management

5. CO2 gas supply

6. Cost-effectiveness




As a result, every key feature and selling point of each CO2 incubator is shown at a glance, providing a clear and transparent point of reference.


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The new blog on the BINDER homepage takes a slightly more in-depth approach, addressing yet more topics relating to the CO2 incubator.


In addition, users can dive deeper into the inner workings of a BINDER CO2 incubator in a video animation.