BINDER employees are happy employees

December 2017 BINDER honors those celebrating an anniversary with the company

“I am proud to work at BINDER”


BINDER GmbH in Tuttlingen, Germany, relies on long-serving employees –


a value that was emphasized during an event honoring its 18 employees celebrating an anniversary with the company, held at its Casino in-house restaurant.

For the global market leader in simulation chambers, loyal and long-serving personnel are key, and this sentiment was reiterated at the lively celebration in the presence of Peter M. Binder, the company CEO. The evening extravaganza was meticulously planned down to the last detail – with nothing left to chance, it could even have been mistaken as the design process for a new BINDER chamber! However, it wasn’t the ultramodern drying and heating chambers taking center stage in this case, but rather the people who make BINDER units to such high-quality standards that they are deployed in universities and large corporations the world over. With this in mind, Peter M. Binder did not forgo the opportunity of extending his thanks to each and every person. “With the COMPETENCE FACTORY, we are investing in the future and setting the course for our Tuttlingen site. But it is our people who make us and our products so successful”, said Binder, congratulating Viktor Busch, Henry Kautzsch, Nils Taubert, Mike Imwinkelried, Silke Held, Sabrina Kupferschmid, Jens Fischer, and Eduard Stier on reaching the milestone of ten years with the company. Head of Human Resources, Uwe Werner; Chairman of the Works Council, Anton Rauh; as well as individual department managers also expressed thanks to those celebrating an anniversary with the company for their huge loyalty. This included Josef Bühler, Marion Vollmar, Viktor Prizkau, Igor Ullrich, Anatoli Hettinger, Tomasz Czyz, Waldemar Huber, Patricia Kutzer, Alexander Ebauer, and Karl Held, who in 25 years at BINDER have already witnessed several technical changes. These people’s growth within the company, and the fact that their long years of service have not dulled their positive outlook on their roles in any way, led several of those being honored at the celebration to voice their own feelings. “I am proud to work at BINDER”, said one employee celebrating an anniversary, who expressed his wish to stay with the company for an additional year rather than enter retirement. The Christmas menu that followed left no doubt as to just how highly BINDER values its employees. And the event even showed that Santa has a soft spot for the Tuttlingen company, with deliveries of gifts instead of sacks of coal!