Tuttlingen-based firm puts on an impressive performance with numerous innovations


BINDER unveils a whole host of innovations at ACHEMA


ACHEMA 2018 – the world’s leading trade fair of the process industry held between June 11 and 15 in Frankfurt – is getting closer and closer. But before the trade fair, the team at BINDER will have their hands full. The company, based in the German town of Tuttlingen, will ultimately be unveiling its very latest innovations. The exact details are kept under wraps, but it has nonetheless been confirmed that the new CO2 incubator from BINDER will also be presented at the Frankfurt exhibition.


And that's just a taster of what's to come. BINDER has recently produced a dazzling array of innovative ideas, so users will be looking forward to lots of new models or devices with added features. Only some of these innovations will be displayed at ACHEMA, and it will whet plenty of appetites for more.


What’s more, the environmentally friendly ultra low temperature freezer and the cutting-edge dynamic climate chamber are sure to draw a lot of attention. Visitors to the trade fair can also look forward to the unveiling of a new drying and heating chamber which is highly efficient and suitable for specific applications. And if you haven’t yet seen one of the constant climate chambers from BINDER, paying a visit to ACHEMA in Frankfurt will most definitely be worthwhile. It’s an impressive unit, even judging from its size alone, though it’s worth noting that the chamber being displayed will be available in other sizes too.


And that’s not all BINDER has to offer. The new communication software APT-COM4 – used for control, programming, and recording of measured data – will also be exhibited at stand D78 in hall 4.1. The Tuttlingen-based company’s stand encompasses an area of 131 square meters and will showcase not only a great deal of action and excitement, but also a high level of expertise. BINDER’s stated mission of

venturing into the future

, which has been a guiding principle at the company’s headquarters in Tuttlingen for some time now, is now venturing all the way up to Frankfurt. From there, BINDER delegates will take you on a voyage into the world of tomorrow. So paying a visit to ACHEMA, which is held only every three years, and meeting our delegates from BINDER, will certainly be worth your time.