BINDER GmbH reveals its very own video portal

February 2018 BINDER TV on air now

BINDER TV takes us behind the scenes at BINDER


BINDER GmbH is known for keeping up with the times. The company develops state-of-the-art simulation chambers that are used in research settings and improve health and safety conditions with people in mind. The goings-on behind the scenes at BINDER are just as fascinating as what takes place inside the chambers the company produces. Both aspects are so interesting, in fact, that they have been caught on camera in videos that you can watch on the new BINDER  TV page.

BINDER fans will be pleased to hear that they can now view all of the company and product videos here at a glance. What's more, there are plenty of new additions to get excited about. You can use the search function to find and watch existing videos. For example, why not check out the video taking an in-depth look at the opening of the COMPETENCE FACTORY, which you can watch again and again if you want. The apprentices who offer an introduction to their careers make an excellent impression too as stars of the show on BINDER TV.

As an exciting and energetic company with 400 members of staff, BINDER GmbH is proud to offer you a glimpse behind the scenes on BINDER TV. Why not have a look for yourself? Once you're on the BINDER website, you're only one click away from being part of all the action.