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06 August 2019 BINDER incubators are the best

Jochen Bollaender explains why the BINDER incubators are that great.

31 July 2019 Create an easy meal for the warmer months with this summer salad à la BINDER

This light, delicious summer salad à la BINDER is the perfect meal on a hot day 

15 July 2019 An interesting BINDER innovation

Watch the new BINOVATION edition and learn more about what’s new on BINDER. 

09 July 2019 The freezer that does it all

BINDER freezers deliver benefits for both the environment and your own applications.

04 July 2019 Heinz Braun embodies BINDER service

Customers are always happy to see Heinz Braun.

02 July 2019 BINDER chamber enables researchers to gather new findings

Auch im Fraunhofer-Institut wird anhand von BINDER-Schränken getestet.

02 July 2019 BINDER premium chambers benefit from premium software

Thanks to APT-COM 4, more and more users are choosing a BINDER chamber.

21 June 2019 Expert Insight: Don’t Overlook Your Incubator

Learn how CO2 incubators can affect your cell culture workflows and downstream applications in this on-demand webinar

21 June 2019 Our service technician answers your questions

Heinz Braun has been working for BINDER for 30 years. The service technician takes great pride in supporting customers in the field.