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20 May 2019 BINDER everywhere

BINDER has used its red triangular controller and its logo containing three smaller red triangles to send a clear message to its customers.

16 May 2019 Everything you need to know about cell cultivation

In this new webinar on BINDER TV, users can find out everything they need to know about incubators and cell cultivation. 

23 April 2019 Do you carry out material tests?

Find out in this blog post how material tests can be carried out in BINDER chambers.

09 April 2019 Rotary club impressed by BINDER

Rotarians from Donaueschingen are pleased to see that BINDER is committed to improving people’s health and safety.

09 April 2019 Girls get a taste of life at BINDER

Five teenage girls demonstrated exceptional skills at BINDER’s Girls’ Day event.

28 March 2019 BINDER – a company you can rely on

At BINDER, the customer is king, which is why it provides comprehensive service options.

28 March 2019 Continuous improvement at the LEAN FACTORY

Lean management helps to boost production and speed up processes.

25 March 2019 The right drying chamber for you

If you are unsure which drying chamber is right for you, try out our new selection helper.

21 March 2019 New option fits the bill

The dry-air purge option makes it possible to approach test points that are not within the usual measuring range.