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08 October 2019 A new innovation from BINDER: The fail-safe function

The fail-safe function safeguards the supply of CO2 at all times. 

09 October 2019 Various applications and various options

The new “quick sample access” option enables laboratory staff to work even more precisely. 

02 October 2019 BINDER offers the best incubators

Get the right results in the lab with BINDER incubators. 

24 September 2019 New BINDER innovation delivers numerous benefits

The new sensor ensures that the customer’s work remains clean, safe, and effective.

24 September 2019 Consistent and active humidification

The new CB 170 is available with active humidification.

12 September 2019 BINDER reports from the field

Our latest blog posts tell you all about the applications in which BINDER chambers are being used. 

10 September 2019 Scientists imitate weightlessness

The university is using a BINDER chamber to conduct research into space biology. 

06 August 2019 BINDER incubators are the best

Jochen Bollaender explains why the BINDER incubators are that great.

31 July 2019 Create an easy meal for the warmer months with this summer salad à la BINDER

This light, delicious summer salad à la BINDER is the perfect meal on a hot day