APT-COM™ software:

BINDER software to control, program and record measured data

Only at BINDER: APT-COM™ 3 DataControlSystem software in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The comprehensive custom solution for monitoring sensitive thermal or climate processes and for recording process data. Not "as much as possible", but "as much as needed" was our maxim in developing this DataControlSystem. Not every user is an IT specialist who is working in the GLP/GMP environment.

Therefore, the APT-COM™ software has three software configurations: BASIC, STANDARD and GLP.

1. BASIC edition of the APT-COM™ software:

For simple control and documentation requirements with only one unit connected.

2. STANDARD edition of the APT-COM™ software:

For networking multiple units with the option of automated documentation.

3. GLP edition of the APT-COM™ software:

For the highest demands in the GMP/GLP area (e.g. research and development in pharmaceutics), we provide maximum functionality. Most regulatory requirements are met in this area in no time at all. Another strength of this version is remote alarms for limit violations or communication problems by means of an independent monitoring and alarm functions.

Versions of the APT-COM™ software:

APT-COM™ software BASIC edition
  • Connection of one BINDER temperature chamber or measuring device with RS 232, RS 422 or Ethernet interface to a PC
  • Graphical program editor for convenient remote control of a temperature chamber
  • Graphical recording of measurement data including temperature, pressure, humidity or CO2 concentration
  • Documentation when an adjustable tolerance limit is exceeded
  • Documentation of all system actions
  • Output of measured values on a printer or export of data to a spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel). The data period is freely selectable.
APT-COM™ software STANDARD edition

All the same functions as the BASIC edition and:

  • Networking of up to 30 BINDER units with RS 232, RS 422 or Ethernet interfaces
  • Graphical program editor for convenient remote control
  • All data is available on the intranet or Internet (web server). Process parameters are available online as HTML files.
  • E-mail messages via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) when measured values exceed or fall below limits
  • Integration under LIMS such as LabVIEW also possible
  • Time-controlled automatic output (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Manual output to HTML or optional data transmission via e-mail
  • Fully network compatible
  • Program function also for fixed value controller (for units with RD2 controller only)
  • Manual backup system
APT-COM™ software GLP edition

All the same functions as the STANDARD edition and:

  • GLP-compliant, tamper-proof documentation of measurement data
  • Meets all FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Full password and access protection
  • Transfer of alarm messages via e-mail into the mobile phone network (phone alarm messages optional)
  • Control room function via TCP/IP protocol with central overview of all units
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Automatic backup system