BINDER constant climate chambers

Specialists for temperature/humidity/light simulation

A constant climate chamber from BINDER in any implementation is a one-stop solution to easily and reliably manage your stability test or stress test.

The BINDER constant climate chambers of the KBF P series are ideal for norm-compliant work according to ICH guidelines and work independent of water supply. Their special feature: climate and light tests can be performed at the same time in one chamber.

With the KMF, BINDER constant climate chambers offers you a broad temperature and humidity range - created for demanding stress testing.

Areas of application:

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Basic Research / Research Institutes
  • Packaging Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Food / Beverage


  • Long-term stabile test conditions
  • Independent of the water supply
  • one-stop solution: Temperature/humidity/light simulation in one chamber
Constant climate chambers from BINDER
Constant climate chamber with humidity

The superior constant climate chamber with humidity for reliable stability testing.

Size ranges KBF series

Constant climate chamber with ICH-compliant illumination

The BINDER constant climate chamber with ICH-compliant illumination Q1B makes it the expert for reliable photostability testing.

Size ranges KBF P series

Constant climate chamber with additional photometry

The constant climate chamber with Light Quantum Control is ideal for advanced photostability testing with precision photometry and regulation.

Size ranges KBF LQC series

Constant climate chamber for stress testing

The constant climate chamber with a wide temperature and humidity range - the unique specialist for stress testing.

Size ranges KMF series


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