BINDER environmental responsibility

BINDER environmental responsibility

Good for you. And good for the environment.

For nearly three decades, we have been offering our customers more than just innovations, safety and support with products and services locally. In the area of environmental responsibility, however, we have been intentionally following the path less traveled: Less is more. In doing so, we not only take into account ecology and sustainable environmental conservation in the development and production of our chambers, but also in all corporate activities.

It is good to know that neither asbestos nor mercury are used in even one BINDER chamber now and in the future. For reasons of recyclability, there have never been inseparable material combinations. That is why plastics are also labeled and recycled granules are used specifically - without any compromise in quality.

Less energy consumption

The geothermal heating system in the Research and Development Center has a transmission heat requirement of 40% below statutory Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) specifications. Daylight harvesting system: large windows allow optimum use of daylight, supported by automatic daylight-dependent blinds, green roof for thermal insulation; energy savings through advanced machinery and equipment, as well as adaptive lighting systems; a combined heat and power unit for co-generation is in the works.

Stringent supplier selection according to the Eco-Design Directive

Reusable packaging with upstream suppliers are used whenever possible. Recyclable materials such as steel, plastics, cardboard and paper are recycled consistently. Renewable and recycled materials are preferred whenever possible.

Less environmental impact

The largely oil-free processing of steel on automatic equipment eliminates the need for polluting cleaning methods before the surface coating. At BINDER, only solvent-free powder coating systems are used.

Less resource consumption

Use of 100% recyclable packaging; 98% powder recycling thanks to a closed-circuit coating system; 70% less paper consumption thanks to a digital workflow.


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