Less is more

ANTI.PLENUM Design reduces contamination prone surfaces to a minimum while maximizing growth area for cell and tissue cultures!

Cell and tissue cultures demand best growth conditions and maximum protection aganist contamination. Many conventional CO2 incubators attempt to meet these requirements by designing more and more complicated, time consuming and costly technical solutions. BINDER however, puts a strong focus on the bare necessities of CO2 incubation by implementing the strategy - less is more.

Advantages of the ANTI.PLENUM Design at a glance – the bare truth

  • Less contamination-prone interior surface leads to a more safe environment for cell and tissue cultures.
  • Completely eliminates regular bills for costly consumables e.g. HEPA filter, H2O2 solutions and UV lamps over the entire working life of the CO2 incubator.
  • Less surface and parts to clean manually, means more time to spend on cell culture - year in year out.
  • Less air ducts and plenum, leads to a more favorable shelf area per volume ratio.
  • Highly reliable 180 °C hot air sterilization of the interior ensures reproducible results time and time again.
ANTI.PLENUM design reduces the risk of contamination by faktor 3

All BINDER CO2 incubators have an unique deep-drawn inner chamber with integrated shelf fixtures and characteristic large round corners. These features reduce contamination prone surface by factors, thereby reducing the risk of contamination to an absolute minimum. Difficult to clean ventilators as well as countless bolts and screws are eliminated. ANTI.PLENUM Design minimizes the risk of contamination.

The bare truth. Compare the time for dismantling and assembling in real time for yourself and discover the amount of contamination prone surface.

CO2 Incubator

The bare inner chamber of a
BINDER CO2 incubator.

CO2 Incubator

Conventional CO2 incubators bear
loads of additional contamination
prone surfaces like air ducts,
plenum, fixtures and countless
screws and bolts.

Saves up to 1 week of manual cleaning per year

ANTI.PLENUM Design reduces the number and size of fixtures in a CO2 incubator. Consequently the time for manual cleaning and dismantling is significantly less than compared to conventional CO2 incubator. Therefore BINDER CO2 incubators grant you an additonal week for culturing each year.

The bare truth. Compare the time for dismantling and assembling in real time for yourself and discover the amount of contamination prone surface.

BINDER CO2 Incubator CO2 Incubator (competitor A) CO2 Incubator (competitor B)
Eliminates costs for consumables

ANTI.PLENUM Design completely eliminates the need for costly consumables such as HEPA filters, H2O2 or UV lamps. BINDERs 180°C hot air sterilization works without extra expenses, a relief on your budget for years to come.

CO2 incubators from BINDER
The STANDARD CO2 incubator

The ideal CO2 incubator for routine applications for cell cultivation in an ideal in vitro environment.

Size ranges C series

CO2 incubator with additional process controls

The professionals among the CO2 incubators: The CB 53l, CB 150l and CB 210l CO2 incubators are the perfect incubators for customized callus and IVF applications and offer additional process controls in the laboratory.

Size ranges CB series


CO2 incubators of the CB series are the perfect incubators for demanding applications with additional process controls. The new models are equipped with a built-in sterilizable sensor, humidity display and intuitive menu navigation.

Size ranges CB series - NEW


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