Highly accurate preheating chamber technology

BINDER APT.lineIn order to do justice to the growing and ever more specialized requirements of the market, revolutionary solutions in temperature technology were necessary. Our APT.line™ is one of these results and is nothing to sneeze at.

The principle of APT.line™ is both simple and effective: Around the interior chamber of the simulation chambers is a preheating chamber with an integrated, high-performance heating / cooling system. In a space-saving design, heating, cooling and fan are integrated in the rear of the unit, which is also used as the preheating chamber. Air deflectors ensure that the entire air stream passes over the heating or cooling element and then enters into the inner chamber large-surface area and is controlled through a specially optimized arrangement of air openings in the side walls. By introducing the air over the entire side walls, the APT.line™ ensures that no interfering turbulence is generated and that optimal homogeneity is achieved.

APT.line™ from BINDER:
Available with gravity or mechanical convection

Depending on your needs, BINDER binder offers the APT.line™ with gravity or mechanical convection- in exactly the chamber you need for your applications. The APT.line™ has long since included a product range that covers nearly all applications in all climate areas. A product from BINDER is unmistakable in appearance and technology, and is proof of a sustainable design, technological competence, full validation and a drive to continue to improve in the future. Because success is not only the best reward, but also the best motivation.