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Kunst bei BINDER The "Development" statue at the main entrance of the BINDER Research and Development Center (FEZ) exemplifies our strong connection to art.

This outstanding work by artist Jörg Bach symbolizes the high innovative strength of BINDER that continuously advances processes and finds new approaches time and again. It also shows that developments do not necessarily always lead to success or to the top. Reorientations, dead ends or momentary failures are constant companions of success.

What matters is the absolute determination of all our employees to make it better each day – the path to perfection.

The artist Jörg Bach acted on the idea and created this stainless steel sculpture titled "Development".

The material of choice for Jörg Bach was weather-resistant and acid-resistant V4A stainless steel, the same material used to manufacture the BINDER simulation chambers. The brilliant surface reflects the surrounding area – the modern architecture of the building, the green lawn in front of that and the changing colors of the sky, making it appear light and dynamic despite its weight of about 1,300 kg and size of 5.45 m. There is a play between apparent lightness and actual down-to-earth heaviness.

When walking around the sculpture, we discover new spacialities and perspectives again and again. The work of art thus embodies the generous attitude, the corporate identity of BINDER.


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